Episode #238: What About Us? A New Parents Guide to Safeguarding Your Relationship with Karen Kleiman

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Steph interviews Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW about how partners can navigate common relationship challenges postpartum. Karen Kleiman is the founder and director of The Postpartum Stress Center. She is the author of several books on postpartum depression and just released a new book called What About Us? A New Parents Guide to Safeguarding Your Relationship. They discuss how a variety of relationships are impacted by the transition to motherhood and how to overcome those challenges. If your relationship needs some TLC after baby or if you want to prepare for the potential challenges ahead, this is a must listen!


Topics Discussed:

  • How the pandemic has made things exponentially harder for new moms
  • Common relationship challenges new parents face
  • How to keep the spark alive even when you’re feeling touched out
  • What to do if you find yourself feeling resentful 
  • First steps for more clear communication

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This episode’s guest

  Karen Kleiman, MSW, licensed, clinical social worker, is founder and director of The Postpartum Stress Center. She is author of several books on postpartum depression and an internationally recognized postpartum depression expert. In 1988 she founded The Postpartum Stress Center, a treatment and training facility for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. In addition to her clinical practice, Karen teaches an advanced post-graduate course for clinicians based on The Art of Holding Perinatal Women in Distress™ model of intervention and provides training programs for healthcare professionals and mentoring opportunities for therapists who specialize in the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.