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Hi! I am Dr. Elana Roumell, ND

People refer to me as the “Doctor Mom.” But it is the moms I work with who I help become a “Doctor Mom!”

I teach moms how to make confident decisions about their families’ health and well-being and become the “Doctor Mom” leaders of their families.

I know exactly how stressful and scary it can feel when your kid gets sick. As a naturopathic doctor and mama myself, I’ve witnessed thousands of parents shift into panic mode when their child has a fever, earache, eczema…and even making vaccine decisions.

At Med School For Moms, I guide moms on how to stay calm when their child gets sick and make empowered medical choices with a clear mind. I teach moms how to feel competent in using both natural medicines and pharmaceuticals so they can choose the best treatment at the right time for their child. I lead moms to step into their confidence and trust themselves to know the signs and symptoms to look for when it’s safe to help their kiddo right from home or when it is time to visit the doctor for more support.

This is a “Doctor Mom” and I know YOU can be one!

You can save time, money, and a lot of unnecessary worry!

What is Med School for Moms?

You didn’t go to medical school, but that’s ok! You’ve got access to Med School for Moms, which is the next best thing. 

Picture this 

Your child gets an earache and instead of calling the doctor or scouring the internet, you open up Med School for Moms, search “earache” and know exactly how to help your child in minutes. THAT’S what Med School for Moms can do!

You can think of Med School for Moms as the cliff notes essentials to pediatrics classes, combined with alternative medicine electives, and the most important parts of pharmacology courses. But without spending hours studying – you can master concepts in minutes with our easy-to-follow protocols and quick medicine guides packed with solutions!

Any mom can be a “Doctor Mom” … with the right resources and support team that is.

At Med School for Moms, you get a team of experts to help equip you with exactly what you need to know so you can say goodbye to unnecessary worry once and for all. From integrative medical doctors to functional medicine practitioners, naturopathic doctors, holistic dentists, and therapists…meet your team of instructors here.

Now, imagine you know exactly what to do the next time your child gets sick or when you have to make that next medical decision for your family… you have the resources and the team to support you. You just saved time, energy, and plenty of tears!

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Do You Get Worried When Your Kids Get Sick?

You’re not alone. Navigating your child through sickness is nerve-wracking, even for the most seasoned parent. When your child doesn’t feel good, neither do you. You question not knowing what is going on. You doubt what medicines can help. You panic not knowing if you need to visit the doctor. Your anxiety gets in the way of what your child needs the most

Your child needs you to be calm and equipped to help, but it’s so difficult when:

And that is why the Doctor Mom Membership exists!

Imagine having a library of resources and medical support – right at your fingertips… accessible day and night 

to save you time, money, and stress!


How much better you’d feel every time your child got sick if you knew what was wrong, how to ease symptoms at home, when to see a doctor, and how to reduce the chances of catching the next bug that’s going around. Not to mention, if you could prevent your child from needing antibiotics or a fever reducer – what a relief!! Think of how much better you’d feel if you had a medicine bag full of effective safe remedies ready to go and know how to rapidly ease symptoms.

Med School for Moms hosts the largest membership group developed by a pediatric naturopathic doctor featuring easy-to-follow protocols, resources, and interviews with medical professionals to help parents confidently navigate the most common illnesses kids face.






and More!

Get access to natural medicines that can help ease symptoms, quickly reference our medicine guides when you need them, learn from holistic medical professionals, and join a village of fellow Doctor Moms who are more calm, competent, confident, and empowered about supporting the health of their children.

This community is waiting for you!

Join the Doctor Mom Membership


New Mindset:

You’ve got this, Mama. The biggest transformation we see in our members is a brand new mindset around helping their kids through an illness.

New Medicine:

No more Googling for the right way to ease symptoms. Fill your medicine bag with a range of home, natural, and traditional remedies to help your kids feel better faster.

New Mastery:

You don’t have to go to traditional med school to feel competent about easing your kids through common childhood illnesses when you join Med School for Moms.

Praise for the Doctor Mom Membership Community

Every day, parents join our membership program for the knowledge, resources, peace of mind, and caring community of like-minded moms. Here’s what they have to say:

“I have been able to help my son through a cold, ear infection, and teething with restless sleeping since joining the membership. I am slowly growing my supplies to be more prepared. I have really enjoyed this membership and to help out my family more naturally!”

“I love and appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that has gone into this membership. I am a nurse, and even though I have a medical background, I find navigating parenting and infant through sickness or ailments to be nerve wracking and stressful. My son had a lip and tongue tie release, and the information available in the membership for this was invaluable to me. I had purchased the med kit prior, and had almost all the tools I needed to navigate his release, and felt confident that I could manage his recovery.”

“I big time struggle with anxiety about my youngest. Since joining I really can say that I am calmer and more confident in my abilities to care for my son. It’s been an honor.”


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