What is Med School for Moms?

Med School for Moms was born out of a calling…

As a naturopathic doctor and mother myself, I’ve seen a lot of sick kids… and a lot of stressed out mamas. After witnessing mom after mom after mom bring her little one into my office feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed, I KNEW this had to stop and fast!

What happens when moms worry unnecessarily?
What impact does that have on our kids?
What long term health risks does that have on US mamas?!

Illness is something I take seriously, and safety is my number one priority. But sadly, I all too often see moms worrying about ailments that aren’t serious enough to worry about.

Now, imagine if you knew when it was the right time to worry… You’d save time, energy and plenty of tears!

Imagine your child looking at YOU being confident, competent and calm when he or she is sick. Your child then gets the BEST VERSION OF YOU!!!

(Ahhh…. I get chills every single time I imagine that for all mamas.)

I had the privilege of going to medical school, and it is this gift of knowledge and years of experience treating others in my private practice that enables me to stay calm and confident when my family gets sick.

I feel EMPOWERED because I can make safe choices, I feel WELL-EQUIPPED because I have loads of solutions to offer, and I feel ENERGIZED because it feels so dang good to help offer relief to my sick child.

That is why I created Med School for Moms.

We provide online education for moms like YOU (with children of any age) so you can make confident decisions about your family’s health and well-being… and build a village of supportive mamas!

Here is how you can get involved with Med School for Moms right away:

A Personal Story From Our Founder: Dr. Elana Roumell, ND

Hi! I am Dr. Elana Roumell. I didn’t always feel so empowered and confident…

Almost 30 years ago I lost my brother suddenly from asthma. I lost my parents’ spirit at the same time. They became the overly worried stressed out parents I see in my office day in and day out. My brother’s passing and my parent’s worry ultimately led me to medical school. I didn’t want to become a worried mom myself, and I sure did NOT want what happened to my brother ever happen to any family.

Now, I am an expert in integrative medicine for pediatrics and love teaching moms how to be their own best doctor for their kids!

I am like your best friend with medical perks. I love to share tips to make life easier, I love to listen to your concerns and problem solve with you, and I LOVE to laugh about our mom failures. People call me their cheerleader in life. That’s who I am to my family, friends, patients and my students. More than anything, I LOVE to help empower you to make decisions you feel great about.

You can think of Med School for Moms like a crash course of my pediatrics classes, combined with my favorite parts of alternative medicine classes, and the most important parts of my pharmacology courses.

Come hang out with me in the Doctor Mom Membership!

My grandma always told me, “No one can ever take away your education. Go learn as much as you can Elana, and then go share it with others and help people. That is the greatest gift you can give in your lifetime.” Thanks Grandma… you got it!

What I am ultimately really passionate about are healthy, happy kids. I LOVE sharing my wisdom with moms so they can transform their fear, panic and overwhelm when their child gets sick, into feeling confident, competent, calm and well-equipped with the right tools to prevent illness and treat it wisely.

This is what it looks like to be Doctor Mom… Let me show you how!

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Credentials, Education & Achievements

  • Founder, Nourish Medical Center The leading Naturopathic Medical Clinic in San Diego, CA
  • Licensed by the State of California Naturopathic Medicine Committee
  • Residency, Family Medicine at University of Bridgeport Naturopathic Medical Center
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with High Academic Achievement, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Whole Foods Nutrition & Health Psychology, Bastyr University
  • Advanced Classical Homeopathy Training, The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy
  • Professor of Masters Nutrition Courses, The University of Bridgeport Masters of Science Human Nutrition

Member of:

  • California Naturopathic Doctors Association
  • Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • National Center for Homeopathy