Welcome to the Med School for Moms FREE Mini-Course!

I am sharing four of my favorite lessons with you for FREE because I want everyone to learn these important concepts on how to be a Doctor Mom! If after watching you are hungry for more information, then you have found the right school for you. Gosh, I love sharing this wisdom with you mamas!

This is a sneak peak into what you get inside the Doctor Mom’s School (except when you enroll you will also get guidebooks, course handouts, 17 additional videos taught by Dr. Roumell and interviews with 7 other leading experts in pediatric integrative medicine, bonus videos, and so much more!) If it feels like the right fit, I look forward to having you as one of my students.

Medicine Mom

In this FREE course, Medicine Mom, I focus on the topic of Medicine and teach you these five learning objectives:

  1. The most popular pediatric medicines all moms must know
  2. Why integrative medicine is the best medicine for our kids
  3. I share my CAN triangle and how you can use it every time your child gets sick
  4. How my CAN triangle can be used with the Moms Measuring Model to assess for which medicines to use and when
  5. Ultimately, in this course, you will learn what our mom tools are, when to use them and how to use them safely!

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Black Belt Mom

In this FREE course, Black Belt Mom, I focus on the topic of Mastery and teach you these four learning objectives:

  1. What to expect on your journey to mastering medicine
  2. What it will take from you if you are really committed
  3. The first step you need to do to prepare
  4. And what resources you need to take that first step now!

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Empowered Mom

In this FREE course, Empowered Mom, I focus on the topic of the Mindset of a Doctor Mom and teach you these five learning objectives:

  1. How moms can easily be impacted by the emotion of FEAR
  2. How fear can cloud our thinking and impair our decision making ability
  3. What a Doctor Mom does when faced with fear
  4. I will teach you my distinction of fear guiding you versus fear driving you
  5. And, ultimately, how you can start saying goodbye to disempowered choices and start making EMPOWERED choices

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Doctor Mom's Formula

In this course, Doctor Mom’s Formula, I share with you how the 3 FREE modules I created are the Doctor Moms Formula: Mindset + Medicine = Mastery!

I teach you:

  1. How when you have all these 3 parts of the formula aligned, you are on your way to being a doctor mom!
  2. I teach you the doctor moms learning curve. I help you understand where you currently are, where you want to be, and how I can help you get there!

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Mom, you safely CAN be Doctor Mom! And I am here to teach you how!!