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We get questions all the time from Mamas asking:

“What are YOUR favorite wellness remedies, Dr. Elana?!”

Here in our online store we have hand-selected the best quality, tried and true remedies that our own family and patient’s use, so every household can have access to the best medicine available (without having to waste time and money researching and testing remedies yourself).

Mama’s want the best of the best for their children, and we are here to help you get them!

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Med School for Moms uses an online store called Fullscript where you can order our recommended medicine products to be shipped to your home. Creating an account is easy and takes all of 15 seconds. For privacy protection, you will be prompted to create an account and log in every time you want to view a product and/or place an order. This is also how we can give you your special discount! Once you are logged in, you can start shopping.

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Wondering what medicines to stock up on? Our team at Med School for Moms have already done the research for you! Browse our medicine pages for our favorite general pediatric and mama-safe medicines in “General Favorites”, or browse remedies based on your child’s specific symptoms or illness in “Condition Specifics”. We teach you how to safely use each of these medicines in detail in our online programs and guidebooks.

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Need to refill your medicine kit? Click on the button below to take you directly to your Fullscript account. If you ever need personalized recommendations don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from you so we can support you in getting the highest quality products on the market for moms and kiddos.

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Prenatal Pre/Probiotic

This specially formulated probiotic is made for moms to take before, during and after pregnancy. It is an all-in-one comprehensive formula including targeted strains of spore-forming and non–spore-forming bacteria, along with prebiotics, all focused on mama and baby’s optimal microbiome.

We got you covered, Mama!

We constantly stay up to date on new and improved products. We research the most effective remedies (and the most affordable)… and let’s be honest, ones that your child will actually take because it tastes so dang good! You have better things to do with your time, so leave it to us, the experts, and check back here often.

Remember Mama, the products listed in the store are taught in depth to you in the Doctor Mom Membership! We are here to teach you the tools so you feel well equipped to be a Doctor Mom!

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