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Hey Mama, here are some of our most frequently asked questions (and answers!):


How do I create an account and where do I order medicines you recommend?

We have chosen Fullscript as our online store. Fullscript will provide not only our favorite recommended medicines, but also an entire catalog of high grade professional quality products you are welcome to browse through. You get a special discount off all orders on any products. Create an account here.

Why has Med School for Moms chosen Fullscript as their online store?

We use it with our patients so we now want to offer access to our store to you too. We get the best outcomes when we stick with professional grade companies that care about quality control measures and customer satisfaction. Fullscript goes above and beyond to ensure good quality control measures. That means your fish oil will never be sitting out in a truck in the direct sunlight turning rancid. Yuck!

Is there a safe way to shop on Amazon for products?

Yes! Amazon is amazing for almost all your shopping needs. However, as a warning… we have no influence over quality control especially temperature control. For example, you do NOT want your fish oils sitting out in boxes in direct sunlight. This will change your healthy antioxidant rich oil to a rancid pro oxidative formula. This is harmful and therefore important to avoid.  Medicines like homeopathics are not as affected by climate change so those can safely be purchased via Amazon. But all fish oils, probiotics, herbal medicines should be purchased by trusted companies like Fullscript. We have also had patients purchase products from Amazon that are mislabeled and have been tampered with. We can’t be sure what’s in the product is truly coming from the manufacturer, therefore, it is not worth the risk when it comes to medicines.

How do I refill medicines?

Click on the link here to log in and easily refill!

Is there an auto-shipment feature on Fullscript I can use?

Yes! You can easily set up auto shipments which has been a lifesaver for many moms. Many moms do this during cold and flu season so they never run out of immune support during the sickest times of the year. You can adjust your subscription or cancel at any time.

I already have a Fullscript account set up with another provider. Do I need to create another account?

Fullscript has become a leading online store for health providers since it’s such a trusted company. If you already have an account you can use what you have to search medicines. But, if you want your automatic 15% discount we recommend you create a new account. The nice thing is you can use the same login info and toggle back and forth between your two accounts to keep things organized. Have any questions about this process? Contact Fullscript directly at 1-866-807-3828. They are available to help you.

I’m having trouble creating a Fullscript account or logging back in for refills. What do I do?

Contact Fullscript directly at 1-866-807-3828. They are available to help you.

I found a medicine on Fullscript but I am not sure what the safe recommended amount is for my child. What do I do?

First, check the Doctor Mom Membership.  Inside the membership Dr. Elana shares her favorite remedies along with recommended amounts based on a child’s weight. Another option is to either refer to the product label or call the company directly! Lastly, refer to Clark’s Rule on recommended amounts in the free guide on herbal medicine here. Your safest bet is to contact your healthcare provider before starting any new medications.

Can I return the medicine if my child doesn’t like it?

Fullscript will allow for returns if products are unopened or cause any type of negative impact such as allergies. Contact Fullscript at 1-866-807-3828 to settle all returns directly with them.

What if a recommended product is on backorder?

Favorite products are popular which is why we encourage purchasing well before you may actually need it to avoid issues of having to wait. If you want to know when a certain medicine will be available please call Fullscript directly at 1-866-807-3828. If you need the medicine before it will be back in stock contact us and we will recommend a substitute.

A medicine was mentioned in a video inside the Doctor Mom Membership but I don’t see it on Fullscript. How can I order it?

Sadly, some of our favorite products get discontinued for various reasons. This is why we stay up to date with product info and send emails to let you know about replacements!! Sign up for emails here to stay up to date! For now, the only medicine mentioned that has been discontinued is a product called Pharmanac to help with a Saline Nasal Spray by Genexa.

What is Fullscript’s shipping policies?

Shipping is free on all orders over $50.  This includes, standard shipping which is 4-7 business days. You are eligible to upgrade to priority shipping, which is 1-3 business days, for a reduced price of $4.95.

If your order is less than $50 total, then standard shipping is $8.75 and priority shipping is $11.95.  

If you place your order before 3pm EST, your products will be shipped out that same day. 

Please keep in mind that if you are using a P.O. Box, shipping time varies. Please contact Fullscript directly for this information at 1-866-807-3828.

Does Fullscript ship internationally?

For now, shipping is only available in the United States. If you are Canadian, please contact us and we can connect you with a Canadian provider who will also offer you a discount on all orders. For our international Mamas, unfortunately we don’t have an option to ship internationally for now.

What are Fullscript’s Hours of Operation?

Fullscript customer support is available from 9am-9pm EST Monday-Thursday and 9am-5pm EST on Fridays.

Can pregnant and nursing moms use the medicines you recommend?

While most natural medicines that are safe for kids can be safe for pregnant and nursing moms, there are a few you want to proceed with caution such as high dose Vitamin A and glutathione. Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new medicine.

Can you take too many supplements?

Absolutely you can. We teach how to safely use natural medicines in the Doctor Mom Membership. It is essential that all Doctor Mom’s know how to choose medicines safely and feel confident in giving their children just enough but not too much of each medicine! We teach you how!

How do I know if my child has a reaction to a supplement?

Every child is unique and therefore could have a different type of reaction to each medicine. As a Doctor Mom, we have to be very observant of our children with giving anything new to them. This includes new foods along with new medicines. If you feel your child is having a negative reaction call you healthcare provider right away.

When should I contact my doctor?

Any time you have any doubts always contact your healthcare provider. You hired them to help so utilize them!


Now that you are part of our community… here is even more support for you Mama!

How do I access the private Facebook group now that I’ve made my membership purchase?

Check your email or the membership portal for a link to the group, click to join it and answer the questions and one of our team members will approve your access. 

What can I expect by joining the private Facebook?

The Facebook Group can be used in multiple ways:

  1. Meet other Doctor Moms around the world or even in your local community! Introduce yourself and share where you are from to meet nearby Doctor Moms!
  2. Have a question? Write a post day or night to get help from other Doctor Moms and even Pediatric Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Morgan MacDermott, who pops in twice a week to support you.
  3. Search the hundreds of posts in our saved archives. Your question may have already been answered! Use the search bar as a way to view all past posts and learn from other Doctor Moms along with Pediatric Naturopathic Doctors like Dr. Morgan MacDermott, Dr. Michelle Young, and me too!

Is there a Facebook group I can join even without purchasing a Med School for Moms Product?

Yes! Med School for Moms Group is available to seasoned Doctor Moms or for moms who are not yet sure if they are ready to start their journey to becoming a Doctor Mom. Join our community of Doctor Moms and feel free to invite your friends.