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Fever Protocol

If you find yourself worried – panicked – doubtful when your child gets a fever… and really don’t want to use Tylenol time and time again…

Get The Doctor Mom’s Fever Protocol and learn what to do in minutes!

The Doctor Mom

Immune Support Checklist

Immune Support Checklist: for Babies, Toddlers, Kids + Mama! 

Use this guide during cold and flu season, when going back to school, or any time your family’s immune system might need an extra boost.

The Doctor Mom

Allergy Relief Guide

Are you ready for allergy season? Be a prepared Doctor Mom with these effective natural medicines and home remedies for the entire family! You don’t always have to rely only on conventional allergy medicines. You have options as a Doctor Mom! Check it out now!

The Doctor Mom

DIY Medicine Kit Guide

If you hear yourself saying “uuuugggh I wish I had more options” when your child gets sick… 
Good news, Mama. YOU DO!
Get the Doctor Mom’s DIY Medicine Kit Guide
And learn Dr. Elana’s favorite kid-approved natural medicines.

Psstt: These are the ones you want to have on hand now!

If you find yourself overwhelmed – unsure – or exhausted when choosing wellness products for your family…

Get the Doctor Mom’s Favorite Things Guide

And save yourself hundreds of hours of research (and money!)

… from low-toxic toys to sleep aids … to nourishing products for a healthy parent… this guide has it all!

Wait, there’s one more you don’t want to miss!

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not, we’re here to support you so you feel informed and empowered!

7 Secrets to Making Confident Vaccine Choices For Your Child With Facts Not Fear

In this video, you will learn…

✓ Why Tylenol should be avoided before and after each vaccine!

✓ How there are choices when it comes to vaccine brands

✓ Why a one-size-fits-all schedule may not be in the best interest of your child

✓ Our signature system for making vaccine education easier to digest and tackle using the 3R approach and more!