Episode #98: Sustaining Your Whole30 Habits with Bree Shields

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Today we hear from Whole30 Certified Coach, Bree Shields. We have dedicated the month of September to interviewing Whole30 coaches in support of those who are participating in the September Whole30 and to help inspire those who may be interested in doing one in the future.  All the Whole30 coaches have unique perspectives and are full of practical tips to help you rock your Whole30. On this episode Bree and Elana chat about doing the Whole30 solo, tips to avoid preparing separate meals for your family, how she finds Whole30 support, and what food freedom means to her plus how she helps clients find their food freedom!

Topics Discussed:

  • Bree’s story and passion for supporting military families with the Whole30
  • Tips for surviving a solo Whole30
  • Creating sustainable healthy habits
  • How to submerge yourself in the Whole30 community and find support outside of your immediate family
  • Tips on working your food freedom

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