Episode #38: Sleep & Autoimmunity for Busy Moms with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

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Join us as Aglaée interviews Dr. Sarah Ballantyne to learn more about the importance of preventing autoimmune conditions for moms and their family. In this episode, you’ll also get answers to the million dollar question “How can mom improve their sleep?” and many practical steps to make it happen.




[0:00] Intro

[2:27] Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s bio

[4:19] Real Food Mamas Updates

[6:44] Welcome Sarah!

[9:11] How fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, joint pain and other symptoms usually attributed to “aging” could actually be an autoimmune conditions

[17:02] How lifestyle factors can help you feel better by preventing and controlling autoimmunity

[17:53] How to know if you’re at risk (hint: being a woman puts you at risk!)

[27:10] Which lifestyle factor is the most important? Diet, supplements, movement, stress management or sleep?

[34:11] The million dollar question: How can moms get enough sleep?

[39:18] How to get your “me time” AND go to bed early

[40:26] How to maximize napping (short vs long naps)

[42:47] How moms need to let go and ask for help (how our expectations and that of society is hurting our health!)

[47:38] How much sleep do you really need? (hint: it is NOT that individual)

[50:43] Sarah’s top 3 easy action steps for moms to sleep better

[59:38] Where to find more about Sarah and the Go To Bed Program

[1:01:55] Outro

Show Notes:

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