Episode #81: Sex After Baby with Lauren Mallari-Snyder PT

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In this episode, Dr. Elana interviews a special guest, Lauren Mallari-Snyder. Lauren is doctor of physical therapy with a special focus on women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction. This episode is all about SEX after baby! Yummy!  Well, not so yummy at times after baby. Dr. Elana and Lauren explore why sex can be so painful after having a baby, what we can do to prevent painful sex and therapies we have access to help heal and rejuvenate so we can get it back on!

Topics Discussed:

  • Lauren’s story and how she got so interested in this field.
  • What pelvic floor physical therapists do and why getting checked is important.
  • Causes of painful sex.
  • How to prevent painful sex.
  • How to seek out help.

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