Episode #206: Season 2 – What to expect on The “Doctor Mom” Podcast

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Steph and Dr. Elana kick off Season 2 of the “Doctor Mom” Podcast by sharing a sneak peek of the interviews they’ll be offering throughout this season so you can get excited about what’s to come. You’ll get to know these speakers before they join us so you can start learning from them right away. This season may be one of our most powerful series of interviews yet, with guests like Cara from @TakingCaraBabies, Kelly Leveque from @BeWellByKelly, Dr. B of Fiber Fueled also known as the @theguthealthmd, Jennifer from @kids.eat.in.color and more. No matter where you are in your journey to and through parenthood, you’ll walk away from these episodes feeling even more confident as a Doctor Mom.

Topics Discussed:

  • What guests and topics to expect in this season
  • What you’ll learn from this season’s guests
  • Special Doctor Mom deals you don’t want to miss out on

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