Episode #236: Red Light Therapy for Moms’ Mental Health, Sleep, and Skin with Joovv

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Today we are excited to share our interview with Wes Pfiffner of Joovv. We discussed how specific types of light can support both partners in the preconception stage and postpartum! Wes is a member of Joovv’s leadership team. Joov is one of our incredible podcast partners who brings therapeutic red light therapy into your home for a fraction of the price!  In the episode, Wes breaks down the basics of light – how it works on a cellular level to optimize health. He shares how it can improve things like your skin (I’m looking at you wrinkles and stretch marks), mood (especially on days you can’t get outside), brain health (where are my keys again?), hormones and pain. If you’re skeptical about these devices, give it a listen. We think you’ll find this interview fascinating.


Topics Discussed: 

  • How red light therapy can optimize hormones for those TTC
  • How red light therapy can improve common postpartum concerns
  • Benefits of different types of light
  • A walkthrough of how to use the device
  • How Steph uses it with her family
  • The difference between red light therapy and saunas

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This episode’s sponsor


Light therapy is a rare treatment that really is one-size-fits-all. Busy moms can benefit from more healthy light in their lives. Light Therapy provides many health benefits like enhanced cellular function and ATP energy production, better skin, increased blood flow, better sleep and faster recovery after workouts. Visit joovv.com/doctormom and use code DOCTORMOM for $50 off your first purchase.

This episode’s guest


Wes Pfiffner is a member of Joovvs leadership team, and leads all their marketing efforts. Wes has a background in marketing and is a complete nerd when it comes to all things health and fitness related.

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