Episode #126: Podcast Recap–Improving Birth Outcomes for Black Moms and Babies with Alexandra Samuel-Sturgess

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On today’s episode, Steph and Dr. Elana recap last week’s episode on Improving Birth Outcomes for Black Moms and Babies with Alexandra Samuel-Sturgess. This podcast reviews key takeaways from the episode and highlights important tips that every mom can use to be your own best health advocate during pregnancy and postpartum.


Topics Discussed:

  • How to get involved with advocacy if you are passionate about changing the standard of care
  • Practical tips for how to effectively advocate for yourself when communicating with healthcare practitioners
  • How to choose a birth team that will support and honor your desires
  • Practices you can use to stay informed on your pregnancy and postpartum care
  • The role that self doubt and self worth can play when trying to speak up for yourself
  • The importance of community in an empowered pregnancy and postpartum journey

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