Episode #15: Real Food for Gestational Diabetes with Lily Nichols

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Join us as we discuss everything about gestational diabetes with Lily Nichols. In this episode, you’ll learn about what it is, if you’re at risk, the screening options, nutritional ketosis, why the conventional nutritional guidelines for gestational diabetes fail and how to eat to prevent and better control gestational diabetes. Don’t miss out on this very important information because your blood sugar levels have a tremendous impact over your health and that of your baby. Be sure to share this podcast episode with any of your pregnant friends to raise awareness about the most effective and natural method to manage gestational diabetes.


[0:00] Welcome & Updates [8:06] What is Gestational Diabetes [9:05] Carbohydrate Intolerance and Insulin Resistance [9:52] Who’s at risk? [15:24] Why the conventional nutrition approach for gestational diabetes does NOT work? [21:31] Where does the mysterious 175 g of carbohydrates come from? [26:12] Fear of fat in the medical community [29:55] Screening Options for Gestational Diabetes [35:41] Declining the test and possible consequences [39:45] Is drinking the orange sugary drink dangerous during pregnancy? [45:10] Nutritional Ketosis in Pregnancy [52:47] Healthy Real Food Diet for Gestational Diabetes [55:09] Sample Meal Plans for Gestational Diabetes [57:50] 3 Top Strategies for Women with Gestational Diabetes (and for women wanting to prevent it!) [1:01:01] Online Gestational Diabetes Course with Lily [1:05:30] Outro

Show Notes:


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