Episode 224: Practical Home Fitness Tips for Moms with Miranda Alcaraz of Street Parking

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Dr. Elana interviews Miranda Alcararaz @fearlessmiranda, a mama of two and the amazing CEO of Street Parking @streetparking which is a highly successful membership platform that offers workouts from home, community support, nutrition guidance and more.  In this interview, Dr. Elana chats with Miranda about what it is like being a mom of two and not only leading thousands of members on their fitness journey, but also how she herself stays fit juggling the kids and business. Miranda shares her unique fitness beliefs and how moms can create and sustain a fitness routine with success.  To get to know Miranda, check out her IG page @fearlessmiranda where she has almost 300K followers. She truly is making an impact and we are so excited to share her with you! 

A special thanks to BUBS Naturals for connecting us with Miranda. Just like Steph and I use BUBS in our family’s daily nutrition, so does Miranda. Tune into this episode to find out more! For 20% off your order plus free shipping use code DOCTORMOM at check out. Visit www.bubsnaturals.com and use code DOCOTORMOM.  

Topics Discussed:

  • Top tips how to keep to a workout routine as a busy mom
  • Strategies for a tired mom who still wants to workout
  • Biggest mistakes people make when they start a new fitness routine
  • Benefits to fitness and nutrition outside of aesthetics
  • How @bubsnaturals fits into your daily diet for parents and kids
  • Why something is always better than nothing when it comes to fitness!

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This episode’s guest

Street Parking was founded by Julian and Miranda Alcaraz in 2016. Miranda – after 15 years in the fitness industry, 8 years on CrossFit HQ seminar staff, and 8 years competing in CrossFit. Julian – after 10 years in the fitness industry, and 5 years competing in CrossFit. Both having trained and competed at the highest level – the CrossFit Games – they found themselves in new territory – busy. Julian was running a business and Miranda had settled into a full time job. At the time the couple was dating and lived over an hour away from each other. They noticed something interesting. The workouts they would post on their social media from HOME – with simple equipment – was what people who followed them responded to most.

An idea was formed. Post the simple workouts we are doing at home – so people can follow along. Charge a fee that is totally doable for most people. Create a community where we can push and motivate each other. The first ever workouts were posted in November 2016 (just a few days before Miranda found out she was pregnant with their baby boy). Memberships went up for sale the week before New Years. Within the first month, Street Parking had 700 Members.

As Street Parking continued to grow and the members were posting about how this had changed the game for them to be able to see success at home. The fire that Julian and Miranda felt to provide the best programming, community, and service possible grew as well. With their own lives about to change forever with the birth of their son – they knew that this was something they wanted to dedicate themselves to 100%. Miranda left her full time job. Julian sold his business.

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