Episode #04: The Postpartum Period (Part 1: The First Month)

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Postpartum depression is an issue that isn’t often talked about because, let’s face it, it’s not glamorous. There is so much pressure and expectation to look like you have it all together as a new mom, especially with the popularity of social media.

In this episode, Steph and Aglaée tackle the myths and facts about postpartum depression, discuss their own experiences about surviving the first month, give tons of tips for dealing with postpartum depression and the postnatal period, and provide support for new moms who may be dealing with postpartum depression or having trouble coping with the demands of being a new mom.


[1:00] – A listener’s successful hospital birth story

[8:00] – Postpartum depression facts and myths

[11:00] – Postpartum depression risk factors

[14:00]  – Updates (6 month breastfeeding celebration, first foods)

[20:00] – Steph’s postpartum and first month story

[29:00] – Aglaée’s postpartum and first month story

[38:00] – Steph’s tips for the first month

[48:00] – Aglaée’s tips for the first month

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