Episode #157: Podcast Recap–Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

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Today Steph and Dr. Elana recap the episodes on perinatal loss for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Lindsay Wimmer spoke from a mother’s perspective in Episode 155, and Dr. Brandon Eddy shared from a father’s perspective in Episode 156. Both of these interviews contained insights to help any parent who has either experienced a perinatal loss or who may be having a challenging time during postpartum.

 In this podcast recap, Steph and Dr. Elana share their own advice on how to help cope with loss, remind you of appropriate (and inappropriate) language to when trying to support a friend navigating loss, and share takeaways that will benefit parents and those supporting them during these challenging times. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Personal stories of how we grieve through our own family losses 
  • What language to use and what to avoid when speaking with friends who have experienced perinatal loss
  • What bereavement doulas are and how to find one
  • How husbands play a role in the grieving process
  • The 6 themes of what it’s like to experience Postpartum Depression as a father

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