Episode #33: Picky Eaters with Danielle Binns, Part 1

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Join us as we talk about picky eaters! In this two part episode, Stephanie interviews Pediatric Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert and Certified Nutrition Practitioner Danielle Binns.

On this first episode, Danielle shares her inspiring story of how she helped her picky eater become an adventurous eater. You’ll also learn how to identify if your child is a “picky eater,” a “problem eater,” or is just going through a phase; how mom’s diet while pregnant and nursing can influence a child’s taste preferences; what “typical” eating looks like for a child; what Danielle’s kids eat; and common mistakes parents make with picky eaters. You’ll walk alway from this episode equipped with tons of strategies for making healthy eating more fun and less stressful!

We share lots of personal examples and practical tips.



[0:00] Intro [2:22] Steph’s updates [5:45] Danielle Binns’ bio [7:25] Danielle’s inspiring story about her picky eater [16:10] How to know if your child is a picky eater, if it’s a phase, and when you need to address the issue [17:45] The difference between “problem eaters” and “picky eaters”’ [20:32] How mom’s diet while pregnant and nursing influences taste preferences [22:25] What “typical” eating looks like for a child [24:10] A typical day of eating for Danielle’s kids [29:00] The most common mistakes parents make with picky eaters [34:20] Strategies for making healthy eating fun [37:25] Outro

Show Notes:

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