Episode #87: Personality Types and Stress

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On today’s show, we welcome Katy Bray who has a wealth of knowledge and passion for the ancient Indian medicine called Ayurveda. For those who know about this traditional medicine and for those who have no idea what the heck this is… you guys are in for a treat! Katy takes us through how we can use Ayurvedic philosophy to not only help heal the body but also, how we can better understand our unique mental/emotional temperaments. She explains how our unique temperaments react to stress differently and shares tools that will help us when we fall out of balance. She also helps us identify our kids and family members temperaments and how we can interact in healthy ways.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is Ayurveda and how can this help our relationships
  • How to figure out our temperament/dosha
  • How your temperament reacts to stress
  • Figuring what your kid’s temperament/dosha is
  • Tools to use during stressful times that are unique for you
  • Parenting tips based on your kid’s temperaments
  • How your temperament may change after giving birth and what us mamas can do to help be proactive
  • And more!


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