Episode #155: Perinatal Loss and Pregnancy After Loss with Lindsey Wimmer of Star Legacy Foundation

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Stephanie speaks with Lindsey Wimmer from the Star Legacy Foundation about perinatal loss and pregnancy after loss. Lindsey is a pediatric nurse practitioner certified in Perinatal Loss Care. She lectures throughout the US on loss, specifically about opportunities to improve stillbirth prevention and care. Perinatal loss is devastating, and families often struggle to talk about it and get the support they need. This episode provides resources for families, including ideas for honoring your baby and how to talk to others about your loss. A word of caution, this episode may be triggering if you’re currently pregnant or have experienced loss.


Topics Discussed:

  • Recognizing different types of loss
  • Ways to communicate about your loss
  • Ideas for honoring and remembering your baby
  • How to find support when navigating loss and pregnancy after loss
  • How to support a friend navigating loss

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