Episode #113: Podcast Recap–Peace & Parenting with Michelle Kenney Carlson

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Stephanie and Elana expand on key points from the last episode on Peace & Parenting with Michelle Kenney Carlson.  We share how we incorporate some of Michelle’s coaching tips with our own kids, our thoughts on the Hand in Hand parenting technique, and how we design our lives to be as clutter-free as possible so we can be the kinds of mamas we want to be for our kids. It is always a work in progress, and we love sharing our insights with you!


Topics Discussed:

  • Reconciling the parent we thought we would be vs the reality of who we are
  • Our thoughts on the Hand in Hand parenting technique
  • How we prioritize special time we have with our kids and the benefits we see from that
  • How we give time and space for our kids to have emotions rather than trying to “fix” them
  • Decluttering our lives to decrease stress and be a more connected parent
  • Deep breathing with our kids

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