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Episode #23: Natural Remedies for Kids

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Join us as we talk about natural remedies for kids!

In this episode, Aglaée continue interviewing her birth doula and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Shivaune Wright, to learn more about natural ways to care for your little ones and the whole family.

We discuss natural remedies for:

  • colds & flus,
  • bumps & bruises,
  • cuts & scratches,
  • diaper rash,
  • gut bug, and
  • constipation.

We also have an important discussion about the role of fever that you will not want to miss!

Be prepared to learn a lot and make sure you grab your pen and notebook to take notes on how to build your own natural medicine cabinet.


[0:00] intro [5:10] start of part 2 of our interview with Dr Shivaune Wright [5:39] colds & flus [12:38] the benefits of fever and when to consult your doctor [21:26] bumps & bruises [23:25] cuts & scratches [25:25] diaper rash [27:20] gut bug [28:55] constipation [31:51] where to find Dr. Shivaune Wright [33:19] outro

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