Episode #178: Managing Chronic Disease during COVID-19 with Dr. Jess

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Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Jess, a leading functional medicine doctor, international speaker and expert in treating hidden infections like Lyme disease, mold toxicity and more. In this episode, they share support for people healing from a chronic disease. Stress can cause symptoms to flare, and we want to help you navigate this very stressful time. Learn practical tips from Dr. Jess to equip you to continue on your healing journey during this stressful time.  


Topics Discussed:

  • Advice Dr. Jess gives to her patients
  • Why anxiety and stress can cause symptoms to flare
  • Easy, affordable, and practical tips to keep stress down and optimize health 
  • Why individuals with chronic diseases are more susceptible to Covid-19
  • Practical tips to manage underlying chronic diseases 
  • Strategies to feel empowered with your health during Covid-19

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