Episode #242: Male Infertility with Dr. Leah Gordon from Needed

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Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Leah Gordon, Naturopathic Doctor and Founding Medical Advisor for Needed.  In this episode, Dr. Leah shared her 7-year infertility journey and how male infertility quickly became her passion as she was navigating her own fertility journey. Recently pregnant, Dr. Leah has many success stories to share including the nutrients she gave her husband which made a dramatic difference in his overall health and wellness. 

They discussed the new line of male supplements Dr. Leah helped formulate for our podcast partner, Needed, and why a male prenatal along with other nutrients are so NEEDED for optimal conception! They are big believers in high-quality nutrients before, during, and after pregnancy for mom and after this episode, you’ll learn why they also highly recommend men to start high-quality nutrients well before conception as well! Their friends over at Needed are excited to share 20% off any of their products with code DOCTORMOM or $50 off any of their Complete Plans using code DOCTORMOM50. Visit their website at thisisneeded.com and save!


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Discover for yourself why Needed is trusted by women’s health practitioners and mamas alike to support optimal pregnancy outcomes. Try their 4 Part Complete Nutrition plan which includes a Prenatal Multi, Omega-3, Collagen Protein, and Pre/Probiotic. To get started, head to thisisneeded.com, and use code DOCTORMOM50 for $50 off Needed’s Complete Plan!


This episode’s guest

Dr. Leah Gordon is a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor who specializes in root-cause women’s health, pregnancy preparation, preconception, and fertility care. She is a Founding Medical Advisor for Needed, a perinatal nutrition business, and the owner of Womanhood Wellness and Tribe Medicine. Dr. Leah is also a mama-to-be, after navigating infertility with her husband for almost 7 years. She’s excited to share more about her infertility journey, why men need a prenatal too, and how overall optimal nutrition support during the preconception period can positively impact outcomes.