Episode #66: Keto for Women with Leanne Vogel

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In this episode, Stephanie interviews Leanne Vogel from Healthful Pursuit to discuss the keto diet for women. Leanne shares her story about how the traditional ketogenic diet didn’t work for her body and how she modified the program to improve her hormones, mental health, and overall wellness.  Join us as we discuss how to modify the traditional ketogenic diet for women, Stephanie’s experience with a fat-fuel approach while nursing, and so much more!


Topics discussed:

  • Leanne’s story
  • What makes her fat-fueled approach different than the traditional keto diet
  • The benefits of keto for women
  • Modifications for women
  • Considerations for pregnant and nursing moms
  • Who shouldn’t do the keto diet
  • Biggest mistakes people make when they start a keto diet
  • How to start your keto journey
  • Supplements that may help you on your keto journey

Show Notes:

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