Episode #153: Infertility Mindset Coaching with Rosanne Austin

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Today Dr. Elana interviews Rosanne Austin, a leading mindset coach for women ready to end their struggle with fertility. Rosanne shares her personal struggles trying to conceive and how she successfully got pregnant at age 43. She thought she had tried everything until she realized the power of mindset and took a deep look at that. On today’s episode, Rosanne walks us through how she helps coach clients in similar positions and offers takeaways for anyone who is personally struggling with infertility. She also shares ways to support friends walking through infertility.

Topics Discussed:

  • How mindset plays a huge role in fertility
  • Common causes of infertility and how a coach can help
  • Personal stories of “fertility psychosis” and what this can do to women and relationships
  • Key tools to help transform someone’s mindset in order to make their miracle baby
  • How to keep sex fun during infertility struggles
  • Healing from miscarriage and feeling confident with your next pregnancy
  • Supporting friends who struggle with infertility

Show Notes:


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