Episode #199: How Diet Impacts Mental Health with Autumn from Paleovalley

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Steph interviews Autumn Fladmo Smith, the co-founder of Paleovalley and Wild Pastures, to help us understand the link between our diet and mental health, particularly as it applies to moms. There’s no doubt that our mental health is taking a toll right now as we navigate constant schedule changes, political tension, isolation, and chronic stress. Autumn offers practical steps you can implement today to reduce anxiety and depression using food as medicine. As a mama herself, and someone who holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition and is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Autumn helps us identify specific diet patterns and foods that are harming our mental health and ones that will help us build more resilience.

Topics Discussed: 

  • How diet impacts mental health
  • Nutrient deficiencies that impact mood
  • The most protective foods for mental health
  • 3 things you can do today to improve your gut health
  • Realistic tips to help moms look and feel their best
  • Marketing tactics food manufacturers use to mislead the public

Show Notes: 

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This episode’s guest

Autumn Fladmo Smith is the co-founder of Paleovalley and Wild Pastures, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, and a Certified FDN Practitioner. Her passion for health began with her own struggles with IBS and anxiety: despite a career as a professional dancer and celebrity fitness trainer, Autumn’s own health was in shambles. Desperate for a cure, she and her husband Chas stumbled upon the paleo diet in 2011 and within a month of beginning it, her health was completely transformed. Autumn then made it her mission to share the information she had learned with as many people as possible: she is the co-founder of Paleovalley, an organic whole-food supplement and paleo snack food company that prioritizes nutrient density and food quality. In 2018, she took things a step further and launched her second business with her husband: Wild Pastures, a regenerative pasture-based meat delivery service. Wild Pastures makes supporting sustainable agriculture and local, small farms easy for consumers. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and their son, Maverick.