Episode #245: Highlights from Season 4

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Steph and Dr. Elana highlight key takeaways and action steps from the interviews in season 4. They share their own parenting struggles and successes including how to stay calm, confident, and competent during challenging times, like decisions on schooling and medical emergencies. They provide honest insights into common, real life scenarios parents experience and offer resources to navigate them. You’ll learn how to improve your relationship with your partner after baby, learn how to accept help postpartum, and set realistic expectations with your little ones. You’ll also get a sneak peek into Elana’s new membership program! You’ll walk away with things to consider and tangible things to do, today, as a “Doctor Mom”.


Topics Discussed: 

  • Key takeaways from Season 4
  • How to navigate relationship challenges postpartum
  • Options for non-traditional schooling
  • How to set realistic expectations for child development
  • Tips for staying calm, competent, and confident with emergencies
  • Dr. Elana’s new membership program
  • Steph’s Postpartum Reset program updates

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