Episode #47: High-Risk Pregnancies [with Parijat Deshpande]

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Join Aglaée as she interviews Parijat Deshpande about high-risk pregnancies and the importance of emotional health and stress reduction during that crucial time of your life.

Whether you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or not, please give this episode a listen so you can share it with the moms who need it and I promise you’ll also learn a few practical tips to apply to your life today (pregnant or not!).



[0:00] Intro

[2:30] Aglaée’s updates

[10:33] Parijat’s bio

[11:40] Welcome Parijat!  (learn more about her high-risk pregnancy)

[17:04] Top 3 mistakes women with a high-risk pregnancy make

[25:25] How emotional health and stress can impact the baby and pregnancy

[30:00] Concrete (and fun!) tips to deal with stress

[33:20] How self-help tools can actually INCREASE anxiety!

[35:55] Forgetting about self-care activities during a high-risk pregnancy!

[38:33] How to ENJOY your pregnancy, even if it’s a high-risk pregnancy

[40:30] Practical tips for stressful appointments and testing

[45:11] Parijat’s 0pinion about meditation

[46:36] Tips for bed rest during pregnancy

[50:40] Statistics about high-risk pregnancies

[51:37] Where to find more about Parijat

[53:25] Outro

Show Notes:

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