Episode #207: Helping Kids Learn to Like Veggies with Jennifer Anderson, RDN

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On today’s episode we tackle the topic of picky eating and navigating food battles with Jennifer Anderson, the dietitian behind the wildly popular account, @kids.eat.in.color.  Steph and Jennifer share ideas for helping kids learn to like veggies, listen to their bodies, and how to navigate weight concerns your child’s pediatrician has. They also share what you can do if your partner isn’t on board with how you want to approach picky eating and stress the importance of language around food. This interview is for parents who are feeling stressed about feeding their kids and those who want strategies to continue to support healthy eaters.

Topics Discussed:

  • The fastest way to end food battles, 
  • The fastest way to get dessert off the pedestal 
  • How to help kids listen to their bodies
  • What to do if your partner isn’t on board
  • How to navigate kid’s nutrition outside of the home
  • The importance of language around food

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This episode’s guest

Jennifer Anderson is a registered dietitian and mom of 2 exciting boys. She loves potato chips and broccoli, and believes that balance helps kids eat the best they can. She understands that feeding kids is tricky and founded the Kids Eat in Color movement to help parents feel less stressed about feeding kids.