Episode #165: Going Past Your Due Date–Dr. Elana’s 2nd Birth Story

Please remember that the views on this podcast and website are not meant to be substituted for medical advice, shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, and are intended for general information purposes only.

Today Dr. Elana shares her birth story which, as most birth stories end up, didn’t go exactly “according to plan.” We talk about going past your due date and why she felt comfortable and confident even as she approached 42 weeks. Dr. Elana also shares how different this postpartum experience has been from her first, how she set herself up for success and how she’s navigating current breastfeeding challenges, something she didn’t experience after her first.  



Topics Discussed:

    • Concerns about going past your due date
    • How to stay calm and trust your gut when others are fearful
    • Ways to keep yourself busy while “waiting on baby”
    • Elana’s birth story
    • Breastfeeding challenges before/after tongue, lip, and buccal tie revision
    • Strategies to support physical and emotional healing postpartum

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