Episode #31: The First Trimester (and a Special Announcement!)

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We have exciting news for you! Join us to hear the special news and listen to our topic of the week, the first trimester.

In this episode, we share our stories about navigating the emotional and physical challenges associated with the first trimester. You’ll hear us discuss the struggles we faced, what we did to overcome the symptoms (morning sickness and fatigue), and additional challenges for moms of multiples.

We also provide a few words of wisdom as well as suggestions on what we would do differently for future babies. If you’re a mama-to-be, are currently in your first trimester, or enjoy reminiscing about your pregnancy, you’ll enjoy this one!




[0:00] Intro [1:52] Steph’s Updates [5:15] Aglaee’s Updates [8:26] Steph’s First Trimester Story (first baby) [15:15] Steph’s First Trimester Story (second baby) [23:35] Aglaee’s First Trimester Story [37:00] Things we would do differently in the first trimester

Show Notes:

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