Episode #13: Fertility & Subfertility with Dr. Cabeca

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Join us as we talk to Dr. Anna Cabeca, an expert in women’s health and functional medicine, about fertility! We discuss what fertility/infertility means and signs to look out for, why we are seeing so much infertility, things the partner can do to increase his fertility, aging and fertility, stress and infertility, how to talk to someone struggling with infertility, and a whole lot more! You’ll learn valuable tips, supplements ideas, and changes you can make to your lifestyle TODAY to have a healthy baby.


[0:27] Steph’s Updates

[3:58] Aglaée’s Updates

[5:35] Dr. Cabeca’s Biography

[7:27] What makes a woman fertile? What are signs that a woman is fertile or could possibly be subfertile?

[15:20]  Why are we seeing so much infertility/subfertility these days?

[16:50] How often is infertility an issue with the male partner? What are some things that could cause male infertility?

[20:51] How much truth is there to the saying that it’s harder to get pregnant as you get older?

[24:14] How much does stress contribute to infertility/subfertility?

[29:00] Top lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement tips for improving fertility

[38:32] Top tips for improving fertility for the guys

[44:09] Miscarriages in first time moms

[46:08] How do you respectfully talk to someone struggling with fertility?

[50:00] Information about Dr. Cabeca’s programs and products (Mighty Maca, SexualCPR, Feel Fabulous, Oxytocin Quiz)

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