Episode #28: Fearless Fermentation for the Whole Family with Sarah Ramsden

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Join us as we discuss how to improve your health with fermented foods, which include sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, kimchi and yogurt.

In this episode, Aglaée interviews Sarah Ramsden and talk about what fermented foods are, how they can benefit your whole family and how to overcome your fear of making your own fermented foods. We also cover the safety of fermented foods for pregnant women, little ones and the whole family.

Which fermented foods have you tasted? And have you ever tried fermenting foods at home?


[0:00] Intro [1:30] Aglaée’s updates [3:28] Sarah Ramsden’s bio [4:55] What got Sarah interested in fermented foods [8:02] Fermentation vs rotting vs probiotics: what is the difference? [13:44] List of foods that we can ferment at home [15:15] The easiest ferment you should try first [17:40] Differences between homemade vs store-bought sauerkraut [19:55] Safety of fermented foods for pregnant women, babies and kids [25:00] Benefits of fermented foods [26:20] How to add fermented foods on your plate (and how much) [27:27] Who should NOT have fermented foods [29:30] Top 3 most important steps to improve your digestive health [31:02] Most common mistake when trying to improve gut health [32:56] Health hero of the year and post-recovery coaching [34:57] Where to find more about Sarah

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