Episode #88: Epigenetics for Moms with Dr. Ben Lynch

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In this episode, Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Ben Lynch, Naturopathic Physician and expert in the field of epigenetics. We discuss how lifestyle factors play an important role in mitigating health complications and genetic predispositions. We identify practical strategies to set your family up for success!

Topics Discussed

  • What is epigenetics and how does it impact our pregnancy and babies
  • What does it mean to have genes that are acting dirty
  • An in-depth look at MTHFR specifically for mamas and mamas to be. What everyone must know!
  • Dr. Lynch’s advice on how to optimize your child’s vaccine outcomes
  • How to eliminate adverse reactions to vaccines
  • How parent’s genes impact their children’s genes
  • How to help “clean” our “dirty genes”
  • MTHFR and the role it plays in postpartum mental health
  • An in-depth look at what methylation is and the role it plays in so many functions of the body
  • PEMT and the role this gene plays in choline production and gallbladder health
  • Why choline is so important for pregnant women and the dosing and product Dr. Lynch recommends every pregnant woman to take
  • Genetic testing and analysis
  • And more! 


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