Episode #181: Choosing an Effective Probiotic with Ara Katz of Seed

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Dr. Elana interviews Ara Katz, co-founder of the company Seed–a company dedicated to the next generation of microbial support. With a team of scientists, doctors, innovators, environmentalists, moms, dads, and more, they have taken the next step in probiotic research to develop their product, Daily Synbiotic. In this episode, we will learn how various types of probiotics differ, what to look for when shopping for a probiotic and how microbes ultimately benefit us and our future generations.  

This episode is sponsored by Seed. Use code WHOLEMAMAS for 15% off the first month of Daily Synbiotic subscription at seed.com

Topics Discussed:

  • The founding story of Seed and how they named their company
  • Why being a parent means being a scientist
  • What to look for when shopping for a probiotic
  • The many benefits of a probiotic beyond the gut
  • The maternal lineage of microbes: how our first microbes are seeded to us, and how we pass our microbes on to our children

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