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Episode #69: Cesarean Birth Recovery with Ali Miller, RD

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In this episode, Stephanie interviews Ali Miller, RD from to discuss considerations for cesarean births including: the mental and emotional side of changing your birth plan, concerns for mom and baby, and tips for a speedy recovery! Ali shares her story of home birth turned hospital cesarean and how she took action to ensure optimal health for herself and her baby, Stella. It’s a truly inspiring story!

Because our conversation was jam-packed with resources to support those planning or recovering from a cesarean birth, we decided to split the episode into two parts. That way, you’ll be able to take in all of this great information without feeling overwhelmed (in a good way!).

Topics discussed in Part 1:

  • Ali’s story
  • Her original birth plan and how that changed
  • How she managed the change in birth plan (emotionally, mentally, physically)
  • The differences between a gentle (or natural or family-centered) cesearean and a traditional cesarean

Topics discussed in Part 2:

  • Concerns of cesarean sections
  • How to address these concerns with a food-as-medicine, functional medicine approach
  • Considerations for mom and baby
  • Vaginal inoculation and supplements
  • Low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat diets during pregnancy and nursing
  • How Ali feeds her toddler
  • Ali’s practice, cookbook, and services

Show Notes:

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