Episode #96: Podcast Recap—Breastfeeding Insights with Robin Kaplan, IBCLC

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Steph and Elana expand on key points that were shared in the last episode, Breastfeeding Insights with Robin Kaplan, IBCLC. They discuss why it can be helpful to find breastfeeding support BEFORE baby comes, the importance of choosing a lactation consultant that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, why restricting your diet can do more harm than good, and their personal wins and struggles with breastfeeding.

Topics Covered:

  1. Benefits of seeing a lactation consultant before baby arrives
  2. Why it’s okay to be picky about your lactation consultant
  3. Steph’s different breastfeeding journeys
  4. Elana’s experience navigating her daughter’s tongue tie
  5. Our thoughts on diet restrictions while nursing

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