Episode #108: Bone Broth for Gut and Brain Health with Sharon Brown

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Stephanie interviews the founder of Bonafide Provisions, Sharon Brown, to discuss the healing properties of bone broth. Sharon shares how she used bone broth in combination with the GAPS protocol to help heal her son’s chronic sinus, ear, and respiratory infections. She shares her secrets for how to get broth to “gel,” and how to ensure you pull as many nutrients as possible. She also addresses how much to drink for general health and therapeutic purposes and fun ways to sneak it into your kid’s diet.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Sharon discovered bone broth, became a clinical nutritionist specializing in healing the gut and brain, and started her own bone broth company
  • Why broth is so healing
  • The best way to make broth and common mistakes
  • Concerns about heavy metals and histamine
  • Fun ways to include broth in your kid’s diet

Show Notes:

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