Episode #170: Adaptogenic Coffee Alternatives with Lopa van der Mersch of Rasa

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On today’s episode Dr. Elana interviews Lopa van der Mersch, owner and founder of Rasa. A mama herself, Lopa created a line of adaptogenic coffee alternatives that give you regenerative energy that won’t cause you to crash and burn. This episode discusses the pitfalls of relying on caffeine for energy and how to feel energized without resorting to caffeine and instead using adaptogenic herbs.  All moms and moms-to-be can benefit from listening to this episode! 

Thank you to our podcast sponsor this week, Rasa. New customers can try RASA using discount code WHOLEMAMAS for 20% off.


Topics Discussed:

  • Why Lopa created Rasa and how it has been supporting mamas
  • Details about the herbs chosen for each blend
  • What adaptogens are and why they benefit moms 
  • Pitfalls of relying on caffeine for energy 
  • How to feel energized without resorting to caffeine 

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