How to Use Wet Socks for Fever

One of our favorite home remedies for fever is a little protocol we like to call: Magic Socks!

Oh, mama, we know how stressful it can be when your little one gets a fever, but that’s why we love teaching you about these remedies!

Magic socks, or cold wet socks, are an easy and inexpensive therapy that helps stimulate the immune system by increasing circulation. When cold, wet socks are placed on the feet, the brain sends signals to the body to move the blood flow down to warm them up. This increases circulation, which stimulates the immune system! 

Immune cells that act as “first responders” tend to show up on the scene faster — and are better at destroying infectious invaders — when the body heats up. So, increasing circulation with wet socks for fever can help boost the body’s own healing powers naturally. 

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How to Use Cold Wet Socks for Fever

Ready to try the wet socks for fever, or magic socks, protocol? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 pair of thin cotton socks
  • 1 pair of thick wool socks
  • Bowl of cold or iced water (or vinegar)

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Wet Socks for Fever Protocol

  1. First, you want to start with feet that are nice and warm. The easiest way to warm up those feet is with a nice warm bath or shower! You don’t want to skip this step because the treatment won’t work unless the feet start off warm. 
  2. Dry off your little one completely, and while their feet are still warm, apply the Magic Socks.
  3. Take a pair of cotton socks and dip them in a bowl of cold water or ice water. (It’s okay if your little one objects to ice water; a bowl of cold water will work just fine.) Some people like to use vinegar for this treatment. Just make sure it’s cold or ice-cold! 
  4. Ring the excess liquid from the socks and then put them on your child’s feet.
  5. Layer a pair of DRY wool socks over the cold wet socks.
  6. Tuck your little one into bed, and in the morning you should find their socks will be dry and warm.

When to Start Cold Wet Socks for Fever

It’s best to start the wet sock treatment at the immediate onset of symptoms.  Try this immune-boosting protocol the next time you notice the onset of symptoms. Cold, wet socks work for kids and adults, so go ahead and try it for yourself!

Cold Wet Socks Can Be Used for More Than Just Fevers!

The Magic Socks treatment can be used for more than just a fever. It can also help reduce inflammation, infection, sore throat, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infections, coughs, sinus infections, and more!

More Natural Fever Remedies

Magic Socks is one natural home remedy for fevers, but it’s not your only option. When your little one starts heating up, you may want to consider doing nothing but keeping your kiddo hydrated. But if your child is uncomfortable and you want to help ease them through it, here are some more fever recommendations to try:

Keep Hydrated: Try to keep your child as hydrated as possible with water, coconut water, or diluted fruit juice. They may not be hungry when they have a fever, but you can try serving broth or homemade chicken soup. You can even make popsicles for your child to help keep them hydrated.

Consider natural remedies: Lemon balm, which calms the nervous system, is an herbal remedy used to induce sweating to break a fever. Elderberry syrup is another natural remedy that contains anti-viral properties; elderberry has been shown to ease fever and flu symptoms. 

You can also try some of our favorite Natural Tylenol Substitutes to use alongside Magic Socks!

You Can Do This, Mama!

When to Call a Doctor for a Fever

There’s a good chance you can help your little one through this fever at home. But there is a time for calling the doctor if your child is experiencing any of these symptoms:

    • Fever that lasts longer than 3 – 4 days
    • Fever that accompanies severe ear pain
    • Fever that accompanies throat pain without cough
    • Fever that accompanies a rash
    • Fever with a stiff neck
    • Fever with signs of dehydration
    • Fever in a child younger than 1 month warrants an immediate ER visit
    • Fever in a child 1 – 3 months old warrants a doctor’s visit

It’s completely normal to feel worried or scared when your little one has a fever! But there are things you can do to help boost their natural healing powers and to help support their bodies as they heal. Try the wet socks for fever protocol, keep them hydrated, and consider natural remedies to help ease them through this. Stay calm, and put those Magic Socks on!

With this information, I’m sure your little one will be feeling better soon!