Episode #301: Why You Need More Minerals with Amanda Montalvo, RD

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Steph interviews guest Amanda Montalvo. Amanda is a women’s health dietitian that helps women get to the root cause of hormone imbalances and have healthy menstrual cycles. She’s also well known for her extensive understanding of mineral testing and supporting women to replete minerals to optimize their health. Amanda and Steph discuss what’s missing from conventional (and even functional) treatment plans  for PCOS, hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance. She shares what pregnancy, postpartum, and the copper IUD have to do with mineral levels and signs you may be depleted. Wondering what the most common minerals are that are depleted during the mom years? They’ve got you covered. And, as always, they discuss what you can do as a “Doctor Mom” to learn more about your body and feel better through rebalancing mineral levels.

Topics Discussed: 

  • What’s missing from conventional (and functional medicine) treatment plans
  • Common signs you need more minerals
  • How to test and replete minerals imbalances
  • Iron testing and deficiency – getting to the root cause
  • Copper IUD – how it plays a role in mineral imbalances

Show Notes: 

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This episode’s guest

Amanda Montalvo is a women’s health dietitian that helps women get to the root cause of hormone imbalances and have healthy menstrual cycles. Amanda started off her education in nutrition with the traditional route, but after dealing with her own health problems after getting off hormonal birth control she quickly realized the value of functional medicine. After healing her acne, balancing her hormones, and learning the value of her menstrual cycle, Amanda found her purpose—to help women create a body in balance and not settle for anything less

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