Episode #27: Q&A Episode: Sushi During Pregnancy, Getting Ready for a VBAC and our Most Essential Baby Supplies

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Join us as we answer your questions! Aglaée and Stephanie reunite for this special Q&A episode. We may surprise you with some of our answers!

We discuss whether or not sushi is safe to eat while pregnant, things you can do to prepare (both mentally and physically) for a VBAC, and what babies supplies you actually need versus what society tells you that you need.


[0:00] Intro [2:12] Steph’s Updates [6:12] Aglaée’s Updates [14:20] Question #1: Is sushi okay to eat while you’re pregnant? [20:40] Question #2: What are the best ways to prepare (mentally and physically) for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)? [29:15] Question #3: What baby supplies do you actually need versus what society tells you that you need?

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