Episode #07: Interview with Chris Kresser

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In this episode, we are really excited to share our interview with Chris Kresser who shares his knowledge and wisdom about health and nutrition for moms and babies.

Join us on episode 7 where we interview Chris Kresser, a functional medicine practitioner. We discuss a fascinating theory about why preconception/prenatal health is so important, the best superfoods, supplements, and nutrients before and during pregnancy, the benefits of baby-led weaning versus pureed foods, the controversy regarding introducing allergenic foods early to avoid allergies later in life, and why self-care is so important for moms!


[0:00] Introduction of today’s guest, Chris Kresser

[1:00] Steph’s Updates

[3:24] Aglaée’s updates

[7:15] Chris Kresser’s Bio

[9:08] Why nutrition is important before and during your pregnancy

[11:37] The most important foods/supplements to eat/take during pregnancy

[19:48] Risks/benefits of fish during pregnancy

[21:33] Starting solids: baby-led weaning vs. purees

[24:50] Chris’ thoughts on introducing allergenic foods to avoid allergies later in life

[26:33] Self-care tips for new moms

[28:10] Recommendations for child spacing

[30:00] Info on Chris’ Healthy Baby Code program

[33:25] Steph + Aglaée: How to make liver palatable (recipes, tips/tricks)

[38:33] Steph + Aglaée: Our thoughts on child spacing

[41:09] Steph + Aglaée: Our thoughts on supplementation (favorite products)

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