Episode #195: Screen Time Solutions for Kids with Andrea Davis

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Dr. Elana interviews Andrea Davis, founder of Better Screen Time, to discuss healthy screen time solutions for kids especially during a time when many of our screen time use has gone up. As a mother of five, Andrea, has learned the hard way when it came to screen time with her kids. When she handed over a phone too soon to one of her children without being prepared, she realized how important creating healthy tech boundaries was for a healthier family. In this episode Dr. Elana and Andrea discuss what healthy boundaries look like and that doesn’t mean no screen time or making you feel guilty. In fact, it is the opposite. In this episode they empower you with tools and resources so you can have a healthy relationship with the screen for your kids and ultimately create a “tech-healthy family.” There is a healthy balance and in today’s episode we hope you can find what that balance looks like in your home.

Topics Discussed:

  • Identifying when there is a time and place for screen time and getting rid of the guilt!
  • How to assess what too much screen time is for your individual child
  • When a “reset” is needed and what that looks like
  • How can we work with our kids and spouses to create healthy tech boundaries
  • What are some characteristics of tech-healthy families
  • How can we create an environment that promotes connection over screen time
  • 2 actional steps you can take now!

Show Notes:

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This episode’s guest

Andrea Davis is the founder of Better Screen Time. Her passion is teaching. She has a B.A. in secondary education, and her experience ranges from teaching preschool swimming lessons to college-level Spanish. She lives in beautiful Hood River, Oregon with her husband, Tyler, and their five children.

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