Episode #58: Is your Relationship with Food Broken? [with Aglaée & Steph]

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In this episode, Aglaée opens up about her past struggles with her relationship with food and her body and her healing journey to find that long-lost peace and freedom again. Steph interviews Aglaée about her past disordered eating and eating disorder, how to recognize it, the healing journey, and how she’s now so passionate about helping other women do the same. 🙂

Topics include:

  • Aglaée’s food story: from being a normal eater to emotional eating and binge eating
  • The biggest different in her life since healing her relationship with food and her body
  • Five signs that your relationship with food might be broken
  • Aglaée’s 3 best action steps to help women make peace with food
  • Aglaée’s Radicata SEED Protocol and her classes starting May 1st

Show Notes:

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