Episode #171: Rebalancing the Workload at Home with Eve Rodsky

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Dr. Elana interviews Eve Rodsky, author of the popular book Fair Play: A game-changing solution for when you have too much to do (and more life to live).  Eve teaches us about the game she created to help couples be more efficient with getting the long list of to-dos done. This system ultimately prioritizes collaboration among parents by clarifying roles, responsibilities and expectations. It leads to increased efficiency and harmony in the home. Who doesn’t want that? If you are interested in rebalancing the domestic workload, listen to this episode and find out why you should pick up a copy of Fair Play!

Topics Discussed:

  • The “she-fault” phenomenon 
  • Identifying all the “invisible” to-dos that a woman takes on and the impact to our health
  • Ways to systemize household tasks to optimize efficiency and “fair play” between partners 
  • How to communicate with your partner to dial down the crazy and create more balance 
  • Shifts to start valuing both partners’ time as equal
  • How a card game can change the way you run your household and create more time for what you love

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