Episode #08: Q&A Episode: Safe Teas, Liver, Sardines, Tips to Survive the 1st Trimester, Macro Balance, and GBS Testing

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Join Stephanie and Aglaée as they answer your questions this week with their first Q&A episode!

We are happy to answer your questions about:

1. Favorite brands of tea, sardines, and ways to prepare liver
2. Tips for managing processed food cravings in the first trimester and macronutrient ranges in pregnancy
3. Group B-strep and natural prevention strategies

Stay tuned for lots more question/answer sessions in the episodes to come!

If you have any questions to submit for a future Q&A episode, shoot us an email!


[1:21] Steph’s Updates [7:44] Aglaée’s Updates [9:05] First Question: What are some ways to prepare liver? What are good types/brands of tea? What are your favorite brands of sardines? [19:03] Second Question: How do you avoid processed foods during pregnancy? Any tips for managing the first trimester? How should your balance of carbs, fat, and protein look like during pregnancy especially if you follow the paleo diet? [28:39] Third Question What are your thoughts/recommendations on Group B Strep? Besides a probiotic, is there anything else we can do diet-wise to treat and/or prevent it? Is there a specific strain of probiotic that might be more effective than others?

Show Notes:

How to balance carbs, protein and fat on your plate

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rock your hormones
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