Episode #150: Podcast Recap–Raising Body Confident Kids with Dana Suchow

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Today Steph and Dr. Elana recap the interview with Dana Suchow on the topic of  preventing eating disorders and raising body confident kids. They discuss signs/symptoms of disordered eating parents can be on the lookout for. They also share how to navigate compliments on your child’s appearance and how to build your child’s self-love armor to protect them from criticism or bullying.


Topics Discussed:

  • Steph and Dr. Elana’s takeaways from the interview and personal experiences with disordered eating
  • Signs to look for that may signal disordered eating in kids
  • How childhood interactions can lead to issues later in life
  • How to build your child’s self-love armor
  • Navigating compliments other adults give your kids
  • Being mindful of how we talk about our own bodies or how we talk to other adults about image

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