Episode #163: Podcast Recap–Postpartum Hormones and Restoring your Cycle

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Today Steph and Dr. Elana recap the episodes on Postpartum Hormones with Dr. Brooke and Restoring Your Cycle with Zesty Ginger. In the recap on restoring your cycle, they share their personal experience with getting their cycle back after baby, things to consider if you’re concerned you haven’t gotten your cycle back, and how to reduce burnout by working with your cycle. In the recap on postpartum hormones, they discuss how specific hormones and play a role in postpartum recovery and focus on the two we can control the most, cortisol and insulin. Learn ways to balance both successfully!


Topics Discussed:

  • How Steph and Dr. Elana restored their cycle after babies
  • Considerations for mamas who haven’t gotten their period back
  • How to reduce burnout by working with your cycle
  • What main hormones we recommend getting tested during the postpartum time and why
  • How cortisol and insulin are the two main hormones to focus on the most and why
  • What stress reducing techniques they use to support cortisol 
  • Actional takeaways and tips to balance blood sugar and keep your insulin hormone levels optimal 

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